Google Exec Says Mobile-First is Not the Way to Go

Google Asia Pacific’s chief marketing officer Simon Kahn says integration, not mobile-first, should be the focus of marketing campaigns, according a recent article from

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Kahn cautions that focusing too heavily on mobile channels alone would be a mistake. “Humans do multiple things. You are going to miss out if you just focus on one element. There are so many touch points in any given day where you have the opportunity to talk to consumers,” Kahn says.

One touch point to pay attention to is digital video, which Kahn predicts will be included in all major marketing campaigns within two years. He stresses the importance of integrating these digital video components with other marketing channels such as Out of Home, Print, TV, Social and Mobile.

Kahn argues there are more ways to measure success of digital campaigns versus TV, particularly through engagement metrics like the number of times a video has been re-shared or the types and number of comments on a video.

To read to the full article and Kahn’s tips for leveraging video in digital campaigns, click here.

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-Posted by Elizabeth Pace

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