Twitter Announces Organic Tweet Analytics

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Yesterday Twitter announced an enhanced Tweet activity dashboard to provide insight into organic Tweet performance. Previously, organic data was available but difficult to find and measured in less detail.

The new dashboard will allow advertisers to:

  • See how many times users have viewed and engaged with organic Tweets
  • Compare performance month-over-month
  • Export organic and promoted data metrics into a CSV file

In its post announcing the new dashboard, Twitter also suggested best practices for brands based on its analysis of 200 brand advertisers:

  • Tweet consistency is a key factor to maximize organic reach on Twitter
  • Leverage current events such as sporting, awards shows or trending topics
  • Mention influencer Handles with a large following
  • Include photos or videos

According to TechCrunch, Twitter has opened up the dashboard to all users who tweet in English, French, Japanese, and Spanish, and whose accounts are older than 14 days. You can learn more about how to access the dashboard on Twitter’s support page or simply visit to check it out.

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-Posted by Elizabeth Pace

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